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Why Cast Aluminum Oil Pans


The Cast Advantage

Most racers are aware of the advantages a dry sump system offers over conventional oil systems. In terms of horsepower, reliability and space, even the simplest systems offer improvements over the best wet sumps.

At ARE we specialize in dry sumps. Thorough dyno testing and oil flow evaluation over the past 2 decades has allowed us to produce the most advanced oil sumps on the market.

In the beginning, we found that with even the best steel pans, there was as much as 3 quarts of oil in suspension throughout the engine. Further evaluation with clear bottomed pans confirmed our suspicion. The oil screens and scrapers were only doing half the job. Part of the problem was in design, and part, in the compromise of converting stock pans to dry sump pans.

The entire design needed a rethink. We believed the needed changes could only be accomplished with a casting, free of stock pan limitations.


The Right Stuff...

ARE dry sump systems have not been to outer space yet, nor is the space shuttle dry sumped. So, what is our point? Consider this analogy: If the Aerospace Industry were to design a dry sump pan, you can bet there would be no compromise in design, strength, durability and function. We approach the manufacturing of our products with the same prerequisite in mind.

First, we use the "Blank Sheet of Paper" design concept, uninhibited from stock sheet metal pan limitations, and therefore circumvent the inherent weakness of welded pans.

Second, we utilize aircraft alloy cast aluminum construction for it's inherent strength, vibration damping, and sealing abilities.

Third, we test and develop its efficiency both in house, and with the aid of top professionals.

Finally, we produce products which meet the ever increasing demands of top professionals. Our desire and commitment to offer the racer products designed in pace with current technology, is far more important than selling a high volume compromise. The fact that we prototype and produce more factory and private racing team backed dry sump products, reflects these commitments.

Please give us a call, or e-mail us, if you would like further information. We invite your questions.

We are proud to offer professional engine builders and racers our ever expanding and innovative line of dry sump products. Made in America by Americans for the world ...space later.


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