Plumbing Schematics

External Pressure Pump
4 Stage



 4 stage are plumbing schematic






Special 1005 Stock Internal
Pump For Pressure



 1005 Stock Internal pressure are plumbing schematic for




SPINTRIC® Plumbing Schematic - Incorporating the Spintric

See Notes A through G (below)


Spintric AREplumbingSpintric


A - DrySump Pump scavenge outlet - Return to Tank - Applies to All Pumps
B - Inlet to Spintric® - Keep Line size the same (A) through (G)
C - Outlet from Spintric® - (De-aerated oil back to tank)
D - Install Oil Cooler Here (Optional)
E - Oil Inlet to Tank - Same as before, from Pump (A)
F - Air Relief from Spintrif to Tank Top
G - Air Relief recommend through deflector fitting PN 6312-SPD


2016 ARE Media Spintric by ARE

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