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Spintric Air / Oil Separator for Wet Sump


 What is a SPINTRIC ® ? 




                                                                                                                                SPINTRIC WS

     Wet Sump AIR/OIL Separator


“The science, function and fluid dynamics of our new patented device for the ultimate oiling system in your high-performance wet sump engine “.

Spintric Technologies, designs and manufacturers air/oil separators for some of the world’s fastest dry sump racing engines. The leading technology involved in the ultra-important science of reducing or eliminating air from the oil is now available for wet sump engines, with our introduction of 2 versions of our new “Spintric WS” (wet sump) .

SPINTRIC WS incorporates an advantageous adjustable oil pressure regulator into the Spintric. Almost all wet sump oil pumps regulate the oil pressure by bypassing the oil into the inlet of the oil pump, allowing a preset oil pressure to be maintained. This not only causes the oil supplied to the lubricated components of your engine to be recirculated several times, gaining heat, it also aerates the oil.

Spintric WS Version 1 utilizes an external belt driven oil pump, replacing the factory internal pump, whereby the oil is supplied from the bottom of the oil pan, pressurized and fed to the built in adjustable pressure regulator in the Spintric, where it is then fed thru the oil filter and into the engine. This oil has only been pumped one time, and the remaining oil is constantly run thru the Spintric air oil separator before being returned to the oil pan. The excess air is also returned to the upper portion of the pan, where the air is already contained, just like our dry sump versions, using our special deflector fitting. The highly efficient centripetal separator in the Spintric allows even the entrained air in the system, as well as the inevitable aeration in supplied oil, to be reduced by huge amounts. The same patented components developed in our highly successful Dry Sump version of the Spintric are utilized in the wet sump version, or SPINTRIC WS.

These features are easily added to your favorite competition wet sump pan, if used. In addition to de-aerated oil, the system now provides your engine with adjustable oil pressure too. This along with higher available volume, cooler oil, and our non-bypassing oil filter adapter provides the ultimate oiling system for your wet sump racing engine.

Another added benefit of the Spintric WS is in helping eliminate entrained air in the oil. No matter what type, synthetic or petroleum-based oil you use, the oil has 3 major enemies, air, excess heat, and contaminants. Your oil filter does a good job of removing contaminants, but aeration is only reduced in conventional oiling systems by gravity. In addition to the frothing of oil by constant splashing into rotating components, most oil pumps regulate oil pressure by bypassing the oil back to the inlet side of the oil pump. This means ALL of the oil your engine is fed has been pumped several times, picking up heat, and causing air entrapment. The Spintric WS system eliminates this type of pressure regulator, and not only is your oil that keeps your engine alive been pumped ONE TIME each circulation, it is also de-aerated by the Spintric WS centripetal air oil separator before returning to the oil pan! An in line oil cooler can easily be added into the system allowing better than ever heat dissipation due to the denser oil running thru the cooler.

Version 2 of this system utilizes the same features in the Spintric air oil separator, adjustable oil pressure and de-aerated oil but keeps the factory internal oil pump. However, we recommend you lock the internal pressure regulator allowing the adjustable oil pressure feature to be used. Discussion on both systems and your best options is available thru Spintric Technologies.

Gary Armstrong. SAE, ASME
Spintric Technologies.


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