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LS -7 Corvette Dry Sump Oil Pan #1007

The all new LS 7 Dry Sump direct "bolt-on" pan

This replaces the factory oil pan, and utilizes the factory internal dry sump oil pumps. All factory Air Conditioner and drive ancillaries may be kept in place.

US Patent

1007 new

 Part No. 1007


All ARE Dry Sump Oil Pans are made from Areospace Alloy Cast Aluminum construction for its inherent strength, vibration damping & sealing abilities, they are then CNC Machined for ultimate accuracy.

Included in the interior of the pan is a custom engineered windage tray to insure ultimate scavenging of the oil through the pickup locations.

Additionally, we recommend only using ARE designed fittings which include built in integral screen filters. This Screen Fitting design eliminates the need for an in-line filter.


red arrow curve hiLS 7 Retro Fit #1007 Technical Drawing

red arrow curve hiLS7 Z06 Installation Instructions

1007 rs2

 1007 rs3

1007 rs4

1007 rs5



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Corvette LS-7 / ZO-6 Complete Stage 2 Dry Sump Kit

stage 2 system kit





Corvette LS-7 / ZO-6 Complete Stage 3 Dry Sump Kit
With Additional Scavenge Pump and Dual Inlet Tank


stage 3 system






1007 LS7 ZO6 dry sumps production

 12th Production Run of LS7 Retro Fit Dry Sumps-
Ready for Last CNC Operation



TA2 race car 005

  The Trans-Am Series is an automobile racing series that dates back to 1966. For the 2012 racing season the new Howe chassis cars will be running Katech Motorsports TA2 engines. Miller Racing will have 2 cars in the running this year. The GM LS3 engines will retain the factory LS3 block, heads and truck specific intake manifold, while utilizing the ARE dry-sump system in order to combat oil starvation experienced by wet-sump systems in racing applications.  Read More

 SCCA Trans Am


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Jim Painter 

2016 ARE Media Spintric by ARE

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