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Armstrong Race Engineering INC / Spintric is truly "Everything Dry Sump"! Our newest versions of dry sumps  are called "fluidic" . The viscous drag of the oil in the crankcase, when eliminated to a great percentage, increases the engine horsepower by an amazing amount. This is aided by a design that "makes available" the oil to the scavenge pumps, allowing them to also work more efficiently.  A true "system" allowing ALL the dry sump components to work in concert.

The dry sump oil pumps are not allowed to be "simple" pumps either.  From the much needed packaging and mounting of the pumps, to paying great attention to the fluid dynamics involved, every unit has a purpose.  Only the best alloy's, gear /rotor design, bearings/seals and of course flow efficiencies can be permitted in today's highly sophisticated racing engines. Today's super CNC's and cad/cam programs can result in highly reliable, yet very powerful "hearts" to the racing engine.

New items are several versions of CNC machined dry sump oil tanks, allowing the top and bottom of the tanks to feature virtually every port and fitting ever needed including dual scavenge returns, temp sender and heater bungs, Spintric ports and even a dip stick to check oil level. Our new tanks are available in any height / volume. Also new is a revolutionary and patented  "vent can"  for the dry sump tank that positions the air fitting at the highest point of the unit with a 360 degree stainless steel filter under the billet cnc top.

A huge part of the ever expanding product in our stable is the Spintric air/ oil separator.  This unit, being totally passive, simply connects in-line on the scavenge oil return from the pump to the tank, and eliminates up to 70% of the air in the oil on the way to the reservoir. The additional air is then sent back to the top or " air gap" in the  top to your tank to be sent to atmosphere with your vent system. For more information visit www.spintric.com

Dry sump systems, with the science and technology that makes racing unique, are an example of the many facets of parts engines require, and we will continue to create racing engine components for our industry.


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