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ARMSTRONG RACE ENGINEERING was founded in 1974 by Gary Armstrong.  The company was originally started as a Racing Engine Building company, and by 1977 was a complete state of the art Engine Machine Shop with all the latest Sunnen Honing equipment, Stewart Warner Electronic Balancer, Cylinder Head and Block Equipment Etc., as well as 2 Engine Dynos and a Superflow Flow Bench.  

From the beginning, Gary was very unhappy with the design, and quality of Dry Sump Systems that were available, so by 1979 ARE was a full fledged Dry Sump Equipment Manufacturing Facility, and the engine building portion of ARE was sold in 1984

The Science and Engineering involved has always been our main passion.  ARE recognized and capitalized on the advantages of the "blank sheet of paper" design concept rather than fabricated steel dry sumps which was the norm of the '70's.  Using Aeorspace Alloy Castings, Fully Machined after heat treat led us to build Dry Sump Pans and systems for GM, Nissan, March Cars and many many others from the very beginning.  Even better was the advantage to utilize new scavenging concepts, too many to mention here.  Basically, capatilizing on the inertia of the potating fluids to make huge advantages in Dry Sump Designs.  This parameter at ARE has always been more impoirtant than the ease of selling a modified stock oil pan.  The viscous drag eliminated even in ther early days resulted in huge horsepower gains and led ARE Dry Sump Pans to the TOP of Nascar and SBC powered Ind Cars from the beginning (Unitl Nascar outlawed aluminum oil pans in 1981)!

Demand then developed for a variety of engines and customers ranging from sports cars to Indianapolis. A.R.E. Inc. developed the cast alloy dry sump pans used in the Buick V-6 polesitters and Chevrolet V - 6 and V - 8's, as well as pans for road racing applications such as the Can - Am and Formula 5000. Today, more A.R.E. Inc. pans are used in Formula Fords than any other pan. A.R.E. Inc. has also manufactured pans for the winning GT cars at LeMans, Daytona and Sebring as well as winners in categories such as the Trans Am and World Challenge. Current designs include the latest in dry sump pan design for the Chevrolet LS - 1 as well as cast aluminum and magnesium valve covers and front covers for the Merlin Big Block. All A.R.E. Inc. pans are manufactured to the highest quality aircraft standards using the latest in CNC machining techniques.

Our dry sump oil pumps are not allowed to be "simple" pumps either. From the much needed packaging and mounting of the pumps, to paying great attention to the fluid dynamics involved, every unit has a purpose. Only the best alloy's, gear/rotor design, bearings/seals and of course flow efficiencies can be permitted in today's highly sophisticated racing engines. Today's super CNC's and CAD/CAM programs can result in highly reliable, yet very powerful "hearts" to the racing engine. 

The expanding product line of ARE dry sumps has presented the need for a smaller version of dry sump pumps we call the "mini mite". This pump started with a contract to build a very small, very high (relatively) RPM pump for one of the top echelons of racing. The RPM needed to run this pump resulted in a very innovative designed pump, particularly in the "anti cavitation " features of the pump cavities and pockets. Now this Mini version pump is heading for the smaller, higher RPM engines such as cycle engines, still requiring dry sumps to stay alive. Dry sump systems, with the science and technology that makes racing unique, are an example of the many facets of parts engines require, and will continue to create race engineers for our industry.


The team at Armstrong Race Enginering continues to leas the industry, aided by a design that "makes available" the oil to the scavenge pumps, allowing them to also work more efficiently.  A true "system" allowing ALL the dry sump components to work in concert.







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