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  ARE Equipped Race Cars

Partial List of Professionals who use ARE Products  


Bondurant Camaro
Andy Lee Racing
July 2013:
1 Race Win, 2 Second Place Finishes,
4 Poles. 7 races left!

Track Attack

Vittoria Subaru Time Attack

Steven Tyler
Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

Eric Haga

Andrew Wozjecko
Auto Analizer Honda S2000

Bondurant School


Brute Force

Bondurant School

Lou Gigliotti

Leighton Reese

Andy Lee


Another Panoz

Pro FF2000 Van Diemens

John Powell

Pancho Carter

GM Ecotec Cobalt

Scott Brayton - Buick V6

John Heinricy

Bullish Racing

Laurent Lepage

Bruin Beasley

Nick Lacey

Nicki Templer

Taz Douglas

Nick Theodossi 


Callaway Corvettes

Chris Scribner
NASCAR Camping World

APP Racing - Holland

Shadow Vintage Can Am

Lola Vintage F5000

Lola Vintage Can Am

Callaway Cars, Incorporated

Twins Turbo Supra



Microsoft Forza ARE Corvette

Leighton Reese- ARE equipped
American Le Mans Corvette‏


GT Performance

Mast Motorsports- ARE Equipped

Jim Painter, Tommy Archer, Andy Pilgram, Jeff Johnson

Thomas and Asa, Sweden

Paul Bogner

GM Ecotec Cobalt - Time Attack
w/ARE Logo

ARE Equipped USAC Western Sprint
Tony Hunt

Western Sprint Champion

ARE Equipped F5000

NASCAR Camping World

GM Ecotec Cobalt- Time Attack

ARE Equipped Mclarens
Courtesy of Robin Automotive

NASCAR Camping World
ARE's Largest Logo

Markland Racing

GM Ecotec Cobalt - Time Attack

Eric Barron Motorsports

Carl Omsted

Turbohoses R&D
(925) 455-1066

BLU808   Luke

Jim Wing- Cobra

2011 Hennessy Venom with
ARE Dry Sump System
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Hank Dudley Racing

Blu808 Corvette

Phil McClure

Offshore Powerboat

Ed Moore

Pole Position at Formula Ford Festival

Thomas Pehrson


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