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Corvette and All LS-1 / LS-6 Gen III and
Gen IV Dry Sump Systems

Information Sheet
Stage I System

LS -1 Gen III and Gen IV Dry Sump SystemsThe Stage 1 dry sump system utilizes the stock internal oil pump for pressure (ARE #3LS1). A specially designed supply fitting provides oil from a three (3) gallon tank (ARE #7030) for constant oil pressure. It uses a two (2) stage scavenge only dry sump oil pump (ARE #3020) mounted on a modified A/C bracket / tensioner assembly (ARE #3020M), driven by a serpentine drive (ARE #4SERP pulleys and 4032S belt). The Stage I kit uses our #1005 cast alloy, CNC machined dry sump oil pan with high efficiency windage tray and offers Aeroquip o-ring fittings for the ultimate in sealing.

Also included is a specially designed ATI damper (ARE #8005) with 10% reduction ancillary drives, our #4010 CNC machined billet remote filter adapter, #7100 alloy catch can with filter vent, all fittings (male Aeroquip) and hardware.

This system is used on hundreds of LS-1 / LS-6 powered racing cars in a variety of racing categories from ALMS, Speedvision, World Challenge and GT Corvettes as well as the European V-8 Star series.
Components may be substituted or ordered individually. 

**ARE LS1 Dry Sump being CNC machined on our 2005 HAAS CNC

Stage II System

The same basic components as described above, except the stock internal pump is replaced with a dedicated three (3) stage dry sump (ARE #3020) with an adjustable oil pressure regulator. The Stage II System utilizes our #1004 dry sump pan as well as a specially designed HDT timing belt drive hub in conjunction with the ATI damper (ARE #8004) for positive pump drive.

Components may be substituted or ordered individually. 

Stage III System

Same as above with the addition of a four (4) stage pump (3 scavenge, 1 pressure- ARE #4020) and a #1006 dry sump pan with three (3) scavenge outlets. 

Components may be substituted or ordered individually. 

Corvette LS -1 Gen III and Gen IV Dry Sump Systems - Alloy Dry Sump Oil Pans
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