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Checking Oil Levels in ARE Dry Sump Tanks

ARE currently sells 2 different types of Dry Sump Tanks.

First determine if you have our NEW Cast Top & Bottom tank (on your invoice the part number would have an “A” in it, 7007A, 7020A etc.)

The other type of tank we sell would be a “Fabricated” top and bottom tank and the part number would NOT have the letter “A” in it.

On both types of tanks, to check the oil, you must do so immediately after the engine is shut off. Do not check oil after engine has been sitting for a while as some of the oil will find its way back into the pan via gravity and you will get an incorrect tank level reading (this can happen in just a few minutes).

For the Cast Top/Bottom tank check oil immediately after engine is shut off by removing plug in center of the top of the tank and inserting the dipstick provided with the tank.

For the Fabricated tank, check oil immediately after engine is shut off by removing the cap and look at oil level through the cap/filler hole. The oil level should be at or just below the slotted or screened baffle at the upper portion of the tank.

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These are pics of our new Cast CNC 7007A Dry Sump Oil Tank installed in a ZO6 Corvette. Note position of vent can and height so that the line from vent can slopes gradually to the top of the dry sump tank. This applies to all tanks. Otherwise there can be a "toilet trap" effect in the vent line, or simple filling of the vent can with oil mist accumulating in the line.


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