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Dry Sump Oil Tanks

All New From ARE-Spintric® division
The Ultimate DrySump OIL TANKS

ARE is stocking distributor of Spintric® Technologies LLC products.

2nd production run, Heat treated T6 Aerospace aluminum alloy, 4 axis CNC machined

Spintric® deflector air relief fitting

Lightweight A356 Aerospace aluminum castings heat treated to T6, Fully 4 axis CNC machined.
All necessary inlet/ outlet and venting ports incorporated, and O ring Plugged if not needed.
Super efficient and innovative venting and internal baffeling system

Made in Our standard tank sizes , 1.5, 2.0 2.5 and ZO6 as well as ANY height / volume
available on special order. 6" Diameter for ease of mounting.

7007-A Assembly Cast Tank Technical Drawing (PDF)

7007-A Tank Diagram Technical Drawing (PDF)

7007-A Tank Sizes Technical Drawing (PDF)

7007-A Top Half Diagram Technical Drawing (PDF)

LS7 Tank Bracket/Fitting Assy- ZO6

Part No. 7007-1

LS7 Tank with Dual -12 Scavenge Returns for the Stage III System
Replaces the Factories LS7 Z06 Tanks

Part No. 7007-2
Z06 Oil tank Dual Technical Drawing (PDF)

ZO6 Oil Tank

Z06 Oil tank Single Return Technical Drawing (PDF)
Checking Oil Level in Tank (Applies to ALL Tanks)

7007 ZO6 Corvette tank install- NOTE vent can position

1-5 Gallon Tanks

Innovative anti splash back filler / vent neck
Shown with dual scavenge returns and venting options as well as Spintric® deflector port on all tanks.


Anti splash and breather neck conical deflector, in all our new cast CNC tanks


Dry Sump Oil Tank 2.0 Gallons
20"Ht 6" Dia

Part No. 7020
2.0 Gallon Technical Drawing (PDF)

Dry Sump Oil Tank 2.5 Gallons
25.5"Ht 6" Dia

Part No. 7025

Dry Sump Oil Tank 3.0 Gallons
16.5"Ht 9" Dia

Part No. 7030

Also Available in 1, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 and 5.0 Gallon Capacities
3.0 Gallon Technical Drawing (PDF)
1.5 Gallon Technical Drawing (PDF)

Rectangle & Custom Tanks Available Inquire

Tank Installs Click Here

Checking Oil Level in Tank (Applies to ALL Tanks)

Catch Cans

Installation Tip - vent dry sump tank to these, then to to atmosphere via the filter on top

Part No.  7100 

Vent Cans

NEW ARE Vent Can #7100A
Fitting above filter for easiest mounting and efficiency!! Patent Pending

Part No.  7100A 

Tank Accessories


     Part No. 7104                          Part No. 7000 & 7000-01                  Part No. 7102

Checking Oil Level in Tank (Applies to ALL Tanks)

On ARE Dry Sump Tanks- oil level in operation should be at or just below slotted or screened baffle at upper portion of tank. after running remove cap and look at oil level through cap/filler hole. (See instructions on LS7 Install Instructions #7-8 Click Here)
NOTE: Make sure engine is run prior to checking as oil can find it's way back to pan via gravity, giving a wrong tank level reading. (within minutes)

(click photos to view larger)

These are pics of our new Cast CNC 7007A Dry Sump Oil Tank installed in a ZO6 Corvette. Note position of vent can and height so that the line from vent can slopes gradually to the top of the dry sump tank. This applies to all tanks. Otherwise there can be a "toilet trap" effect in the vent line, or simple filling of the vent can with oil mist accumulating in the line.



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